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I am a 60 yo software engineer, born in Egypt, and migrated to Canada, where I currently live since 1990.  I am married and have 4 children.  On this site I publish my own thoughts over various social issues. 

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My Story

My generation lived through rapidly changing times. 


From a time when the average rent was about 6 Egyptian pounds per month to a generation where the rent is more than $2,000/ month. 


From a time when secular ideologies (socialism vs. capitalism) competed in the 70s to a generation that is more divided across religions and desires in 2024. 


From a time when university education was free to a generation where a student borrows thousands of dollars to pay for their education. 

From a generation that had dreams of a future in which work will be only 4 days a week and retire by age 60, to a generation where people work 2 jobs until they are late in their 70s to afford the expenses of their families.

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